Chessmarts Foundation INC.

A 501 (c) (3) non profit organization promoting chess as educational tool

Chess - To expand Youth Intelectual Development.


About Us

CHESSMARTS FOUNDATION INC. (“CFI”) is a non-profit organization centered around promoting Chess as an educational tool for children. CFI aims to bring Chess to schools, both public and private, across the United States and its territories.


Years of work and life experiences gained by the founders led them to the conclusion that there is a NEED for children to learn HOW to THINK and be able to receive more opportunities for social advancement in the future.
The ability to think is not only necessary to improve the chances to succed in life but also essential in SELF RELIANT and all aspects of decision-making in life.


Given the Vision, we created the Foundation with the MISSION of creating an opportunity for everyone who wants to develop the art of thinking.
This enormously ambitious Mission is only possible through chess literacy and using chess as an "educational" tool. By spreading the game of chess, we are ensuring that new generations develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, reasoning, and memory, as well as providing better developmental opportunities for personal growth.



Teacher training sessions


Agreements with NGOs, other Foundations, Sport Leagues among others to help us reach our goals.


Chess scholarships for young athletes with great potential needing support to progress in the sport.


Organization of chess tournaments and other events.


Assistance to underfunded schools (with computers, books, chess games...).

Launching the Program

We are seeking partnerships and funding from private companies to help children and teenagers, teachers and familys from marginalized communities. We believe that chess is much more than a simple pastime game. Through learning, playing and mastering this complex game, children can develop their skills in logic and comprehension, and nurture their affinity for learning in and outside of the classroom.

Platform for scholarships

Platform for scholarships in Spanish

Platform for scholarships in Portuguese

Founders Members

Oscar Panno


Herman Van Riemsdijk


Sergio Panno


Ana Martinolich


Sol Panno

Advisory Board

The members of the advisory board was originated ad hoc, they do not maintain any relationship or formal commitment with the foundation, being consulted on specific issues for decision-making by the executive committee.

Fernando Capablanca

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Judit Polgar

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Jaime Sunye Neto

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Ivan Morovic

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